Our international team of lecturers generously give of their time to teach and encourage Pastors and Church Leaders around the world. Each of our lecturers are academically trained veteran Pastors who are able to not only teach the mind but help shape the hearts of a new generation of leaders.

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Pastoral Theology


Dr. Tim Beavis

Vice President of International Operations

Dr. Tim Beavis has ministered for over 16 years as a Church Planter and Pastor. He holds degrees from: 

      D.Min. - Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
      M.Div.; M.A.- Moody Theological Seminary
      B.A (hons) - Birmingham City University (UK)


Tim has served as a ministry leadership coach for Pastors and Church Planters, and has sat on the boards of several ministry organizations. As the Vice President of International Operations Dr. Beavis now coordinates all of our global training centers and our team of lecturers. He also teaches and preaches across all our ministry fields.

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Dr. Bob Penhearow

Carey Printing Press/Senior Lecturer

Dr. Bob Penhearow has ministered for over 28 years as a Church Planter and Pastor. He holds degrees from:

  • D.Min.- Knox Seminary
  • D.Min.- Faith Seminary
  • M.Div.- Toronto Baptist Seminary
  • D.MS.- Middlesex University
  • Pastoral Experience:
  • (2001-2016) Pastor Grace Trinity Community Church.
  • New Dundee Baptist Church & Berean Baptist Church (included radio and TV ministries).


  • (2001 - 2011) TBS/Spurgeon Study Centre.
  • (2003 - present) Carey International Pastoral Training.
  • Canada-wide Conference Speaker/Seminars.
  • Global Lecturer.

Published Works:

  • Penhearow, B. (2011). Exploring C.H. Spurgeon's Key to Ministerial Success

Edited Works:

  • Systematics for the Glory of God I
  • Head, Heart, Hands: Life-Transforming Apologetics
  • The righteous will flourish: Living Christian ethics
  • The Glory of Christ in the Old Testament I
  • The Glory of Christ in the Prophets II

Institutes Founded

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Rev. Carl Muller


Rev. Carl Muller has more than 25 years of Pastoral experience. He holds degrees from:

  •       B.Th.- Ontario Bible College
  •       B.A.- Waterloo University




  • Teaches Practical Theology in the Philippines.
  • Lecturer in Homiletics, Toronto Baptist Seminary (T.B.S)
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Dr. Gareth Crossley


Dr. Gareth Crossley has more than 40 years of Pastoral experience. He holds degrees from:

  •       Ph.D.- Birmingham University 
  •       M.A.- Keele Univerity
  •       Post Graduate Diploma - Manchester University
  • Ministerial Training for the Methodist Church, Hartley Victoria Theological College


Pastoral Experience

Pastored at West Park Church, Wolverhampton.

Published works:

  • "Everyday Evangelism", Darlington: Evangelical Press, 1987
  • 'Exploring the use of a self-help manual in marital counselling,’ British Journal of Guidance and Counselling 20:3 (1992); pp.291-302
  • ‘Counselling: Pastoral Care or Psychotherapy?’Foundations 29 (1992): pp.12-24
  • ‘The Puritan Treatment of Melancholy,’ Building on a Sure Foundation. Papers read at the 1994 Westminster Conference, London: pp.79-107
  • "The Old Testament Explained and Applied", Darlington: Evangelical Press, 2003
  • "Growing Church Leaders: the essential leadership development resource", Darlington: Evangelical Press, 2008



  • Old Testament Survey I
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Church History


Dr. Perry Edwards


Dr. Perry Edwards has more than 20 years of Pastoral experience. He holds degrees from:

  •        Doctor of Arts -Whitefield Theological Seminary
  •        M.T.S - Toronto Baptist Seminary
  •        B.R.S- Heritage Baptist College
  •        Th.M- Toronto Baptist Seminary
  •        DAR - Whitefield Theological Seminary
  •        Classical Studies - University of New Brunswick

  • Pastor of Sovereign Grace Baptist Church

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Systematic Theology


Dr. Jonathan Bayes

UK Executive Director

Dr. Jonathan Bayes has more than 20 years of Pastoral experience. He holds degrees from:

  • Ph.D.- University of Sunderland
  • M.Phil. with Distinction - University of Leeds
  • M.A. with Distinction - University of Leeds
  • B.A (hons) - University of Bradford

As the UK Executive Director for Carey, Dr. Bayes represents the ministry throughout the United Kingdom and has an extensive writing ministry, including several books published by Carey. Authored numerous books including: Systematics for the Glory of God I, 


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  • Adjunct Faculty

  • (In Alphabetical Order)


Rev. Paul Alexander


Rev. Paul Alexander has more than 15 years of Pastoral experience. He holds degrees from:

  •        M.Div. (Magna Cum Laude) - Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
  •        B.A. - University of North Carolina




  • CONTRIBUTING EDITOR: 9Marks Ministries, Washington, DC. Co-authored, with Mark Dever, The Deliberate Church: Building Biblically in a Haphazard Age (Wheaton: Crossway, Sept 2005); edited monthly e-newsletter; edited articles and books for publication; wrote e-learning material on marks of a healthy church (www.9marks.org); oversaw a year-long writing project with contributions from pastors and seminary professors worldwide; developed a series of recorded interviews on practical aspects of pastoral ministry.
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Dr. Ronald Barnes


Dr. Ronald Barnes has more than 20 years of Pastoral experience. He holds degrees from:

  •       D.Min. Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  •       M.Div.- Central Baptist Seminary
  •       B.A. - University of Waterloo



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Dr. Paul Engle

senior lecturer

Dr. Paul Engle has 22 years of Pastoral experience and over 25 years in higher education. He holds degrees from:

  •       D. Min. - Westminster Theological Seminary, PA.
  •       M. Div. - Wheaton Graduate School, IL.
  •       B.A. - Houghton College, NY.


Pastoral Experience:

  • Pastor for 22 years in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Illinois, and Michigan


Published works:

  • When God Draws Near: Exploring Worship at Seven Summits (P&R Publishing)
  • Discovering the Fullness of Worship
  • Worship Planbook
  • The Governor Drove Us Up the Wall
  • Guarding and Growing
  • Baker's Wedding Handbook
  • Baker's Worship Handbook
  • Baker's Funeral Handbook
  • God's Answers for Life's Needs
  • Minister's Service Handbook
  • Come to the Banquet
  • The Complete Library of Christian Worship
  • Various articles




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Rev. Roland Eskinazi


Rev. Roland Eskinazi has more than 20 years of Pastoral experience. He holds degrees from:

  •       M.A. - The Master's University, CA
  •       Licentiate in Theology (Cum laude)



  • National Service Chaplain (Defense Force)
  • Germiston Baptist Church (1992-1999)
  • Goodwood Baptist Church (2000-2013)
  • The International Baptist Church of Brussels (2013-present)
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Dr. Michael Ghiz


Dr. Michael Ghiz has more than 10 years of Pastoral experience. He holds degrees from:

  •       D.Min.- Acadia Divinity College
  •       M.Div.- Toronto Baptist Seminary
  •       B.A.
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Rev. Paul hudson

VP Canada / Lecturer

Rev. Paul Hudson has 10 years of Pastoral experience, following a full career in the secular world. He holds degrees from:

  •       M. Div. - Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (2009) emphasis on Christian Ministries.
  •       M.DS. - Royal Military College Kingston, ON. (2003)
  •       B.Sc. - University of Winnipeg (1981)



  • Pastored Bethel Baptist Church, in Fergus, ON. 
  • With Karen (wife), adjunct Professor at Toronto Baptist Seminary (2012-2013) Biblical Manhood & Womanhood for Ministry.
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Dr. Raymond Martin


Dr. Raymond Martin has more than 30 years of Pastoral experience. He holds degrees from:

  •       D.Th.- University of Zululand
  •       D.Min.- Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary
  •       M.A.- Tyndale Theological Seminary
  •       B.Th.-Trinity College (Newburgh)


Pastored Trinity Baptist Church, in Allentown, PA.

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Mr. Stephen Owens


Mr. Stephen Owens has more than 15 years of ministry experience. He holds degrees from:

  •       M.A.- University of Wales
  •       Post Graduate Certificate - University of Wales
  •       B.A.- University of Southampton



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Rev. David Robinson


Rev. David Robinson has more than 15 years of Pastoral experience. He holds degrees from:

  •       M. Div.- Mid-America Reformed Seminary.
  •       B.A.- Redeemer College University.

Pastoral Experience:

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Rev. RubÉn Sanchez

Acting Spanish Translator & Lecturer

Rev. Ruben Sanchez has over 10 years of Pastoral experience. He holds degrees from:

  •           M.Div; B.T.S - Toronto Baptist Seminary
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Rev. Ray Tibbs


Rev. Ray Tibbs has more than 25 years of Pastoral experience. He holds degrees from:

  •       M.A.
  •       Diploma - London Seminary


Pastoral Experience

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Dr. Steven West


Dr. Steven West has more than 15 years of Pastoral experience. He holds degrees from:

  •       Ph.D.- Potchefstroom University
  •       Th.M.-Toronto Baptist Seminary
  •       B.A.- Trent University



  • West, Steven D. Head, Heart, Hands: Life-Transforming Apologetics. Carey Printing Press, 2015.
  • West, Steven D., and Danielle M. Gignac. The Righteous Will Flourish: Living Christian Ethics. Edited by Bob M. Penhearow, Carey Printing Press, 2019.

Articles published in Reformation and Revival, The Evangelical Baptist, Christianity.ca, The Sovereign Grace Journal, Sound of Grace, and the Gospel Witness, as well as authored or contributed to several books published by New Covenant Media.

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International Field Co-ordinators


rev. Cerelito De Guzma

Cavite, PH. Co-ordinator





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Rev. Ricky D. Deniola

Cebu, PH. Co-ordinator

Rev. Ricky D. Deniola has 14 years of Pastoral experience and holds degrees from: 
  •       B.T.S- William Carey School of Theology, in Iloilo City.
  •       A.B. Theology in Evangelical Theological College of the Philippines (ETCP), Cebu.
  • Pastored Crossover Christian Fellowship (EFCP) in Iloilo City for 14 years (2004-2018).
  • Now serving the EFCP National Office as Executive Secretary since May, 2018.
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Mrs. Roula Karkafi

Middle East & North Africa Co-ordinator

  • Qualifications:
  • Masters in Business Administration
  • More than 20 years of experience in management and administration in non-profit organization and financial institution
  • Fluent in Arabic, French and English
  • More than 10 years of experience in translation English, French and Arabic
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rev. Lanin

keng tung, Myanmar Co-ordinator

  • Rev. Lanin has more than 10 years of Pastoral experience. 
  •       M.Div - Faith Baptist Bible Theological Seminary
  •       B.Th - Faith Baptist Bible School



I was born (in Keng Tung) and raised in a Christian family. My family church is Baptist (liberal) Grew up in Yangon and got saved by attending summer youth camp in 1996 conducted by an evangelist Rev Aung Thet Nyunt. In 2001, God did unexpected thing upon me, while thinking to go to bible school at one of liberal schools but God led me to go to Faith Baptist Bible School (biblical) in Chin State, spent 4 years, got B.Th, right after that in 2005 took M.Div course at Faith Baptist Theological Seminary in Yangon, finished in 2006, during those 6 years' summer I participated in gospel trips, social activities and orphanstor ministry at Hoe Pun Village Church, at that time our bible school didn't have bible school compound, our evangelical churches founder let us used his church's rooms. In 2008, God opened me the door for further study at London Theological seminary and finished in 2010.

While I was studying I sensed that our evangelical churches really needed to have a Bible School compound, whereby we could teach biblical truth systematically, by the grace of God, He used my sister to donate the first bible school plot in 2010, then started building bit by bit until now hasn't finished yet but now we are using it partially. 

I have 3 aims in building bible school (1) to train believers effectively by biblical truth, for the furtherance of the gospel among the ethnic tribes.(2) to train pastors annually by convening them here. (3) to be a haven for unschoolings and orphans.

My favourite scripture passage is: "I can do everything through him who gives me strength."- Philippians 4:5

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Rev. Jatniel Peréz Feria

Holguin, cuban Co-ordinator

  • Rev. Jatniel Peréz Feria has more than 10 years of Pastoral experience. 
  • BIO:


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rev. Warlito Monsalud

Iloilo, PH. Co-ordinator

Rev. Warlito Monsalud has over 20 years of Pastoral experience and holds degrees from: 
  •       M.T.S - Carey International Pastoral Training, USA
  •       D.ECE - West Visayas State University 
  •       Theological Studies - London Theological Seminary
  •       M.M - Philippine Central Theological Seminary
  •       B.R.E - Doane Baptist Seminary


Pastoral experience:

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Rev. Ramiaraka Rebenja 

Toamasina, Madagascar

  • Rev. Ramiaraka (Miara) Rebenja has over 40 years of Pastoral experience and holds degrees from: 
  •       D.D - Toronto Baptist Seminary
  •       B.Th.


He is a preacher, teacher and church planter, ministering for nearly fifty years and shepharding the Bible Baptist Church of Tamatave for 40+ years.

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