Distance Education

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Those desiring a Distant Education or to supplement or accelerate their Biblical/theological education may draw from the Institute of Theological Studies (ITS) and the TBS correspondence courses set forth below. A Certificate of Theological Studies (CTS) will be delivered to those who have successfully completed the following program of 32 credit hours.


I Introduction

Bible Study Skills - Sheila Evans

II Old Testament

The Christian & OT Theology - W. Kaiser

Old Testament Survey I - G. Crossley

The Book of Psalms *a choice of OT505 or OT507 -  B. Waltke

The Book of Proverbs -  B. Waltke

III New Testament

The Life of Christ - T. Hulbert

The Epistles to the Romans - H. Hoehner

The Epistles to the Hebrews - D. Johnson

The New Testament Theology - J. Bayes

IV Systematic Theology

God, Creation, Decrees, and Providence - J. Bayes

Man, Christ, Attonement, Salvation - J. Bayes

V Church History

Reformation Church History *a choice of CH 502 or CH505 - R. Godfrey

Survey of Church History - G. Rosell

VI Practical Theology

Church Leadership & Administration - K. Gangel

Biblical Counseling - C. Mulller

Practicum: 2 Credit Hours

Total: 32 credit hours (each course is 3 credit hours)