Church Planting

*Due to the amount of interest church planting generates it is important to note that Carey only supports graduates of its own academic programs when funds are available.


Once reformed truth grips the hearts and minds of our students, they go forth and plant churches for the glory of God. Nowhere has this been more evident than in the Philippines, where 20 congregations have been birthed and 10 buildings erected with the support of Carey's donors.

2 Buildings erected in which two of the church plants meet


Warlito Monsalud, president of the Conservative Bible Believer Minister's Fellowship in Iloilo, Philippines, wrote:

"we... are rejoicing for the blessings we received, having been given a piece of land intended for the seminary and church. This is through the effort of Carey Outreach Ministries."




Through the generous donations from supporters of Carey Outreach Ministries who desire to partner with us in the training of spiritual leaders, we have been able to assist indigenous pastors in their church planting endeavours. This has truly been an answer to prayer!

Here is a picture of The Risen Lord Baptist Church Reformed in Iloilo. The church building was completed in February, 2006.

May this building be owned and blessed of God, that many souls would be saved and the Doctrines of Grace proclaimed and upheld to the glory and praise of our Beautiful God!


This is a letter of appreciation from Pastor Randy Barcelona for the generosity of Carey's supporters on behalf of his congregation, which is a part of The Conservative Bible Believer Ministers' Fellowship.

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