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Philippines (Sept. 2013) – Update from Iloilo

Greetings! We are very excited to share the progress on the building in Iloilo, Philippines! Here are a couple of pictures of the progress as of September 20, 2013: This is the multipurpose building to be used by Carey for conferencing, training modules, tribal pastors, and the Sunday church service. Our Praises We thank the … Continue reading Philippines (Sept. 2013) – Update from Iloilo

Prayer Requests

We have much to bring before the Lord in prayer. Please join us in praying for the following: Pray for our brothers in Mallawi The church and building in Mallawi where Carey lecturers often lodged and taught were set on fire and greatly damaged. Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Mallawi, that the Lord would provide … Continue reading Prayer Requests

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