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Carey sends suitably qualified lecturers overseas to teach spiritual leaders on a two/three-week modular basis. Through this mechanism, disruption to ministry in the local church and family relationships is minimized. Spiritual leaders in fact receive training not only while engaged in their existing God-given ministries but also within their own cultural context.


Our lecturers are drawn from Canada, the UK, and the United States and are academically qualified with suitable ministry experience.

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Program Information

Through Carey Outreach Ministries Canada we offer the following programs of study:

Certificate in Theological Studies - 30 Credit Hours / 10 Courses

This introductory program is designed to orientate the student to the fundamentals of Christian theology. Each course is followed by an exam. The Certificate is awarded upon successful completion of 10 Courses.

Diploma in Theological Studies - 60 Credits / 20 Courses

The Diploma in Theological Studies has an emphasis on in-depth study, giving the student a good introduction to theology. This diploma is designed to deepen the student's grasp of Scripture and the various disciplines of theology in order to be better prepared for service in the local church. Each course includes a final exam and a 12 page research paper. The diploma is awarded upon successful completion of 20 Courses.

For Degree programs, see Carey International University of Theology.

Typical 3 Year Course of Studies

Year Two

Old Testament Intro. & Survey II 
Systematic Theology II 
New Testament Biblical Theology 
Exegesis: Romans 
Homiletics II 
Church History: Reformation 1500-1689 

Year One

Old Testament Intro. & Survey I 
Introductory Systematic Theology I 
Old Testament Biblical Theology 
Exegesis: Genesis 
Homiletics I 
Church History: Ancient & Medieval 


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